Hello Spring!

March 24, 2011

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So glad that Spring is here!  It’s prettier outside, and it’s one day closer to summer.

We’ve been going and going.  During SB, we had a 60th birthday party for my dad.  It was just family, but we all had a good time at “the land”, as we all call it.  I can’t believe he is sixty!

We love you PopPop/Dad!

Here is PopPop blowing out his candles with his granddaughters (all except for Madee)…

His sweet neighbors brought him this homemade cookie cake.  Yum!  Note about the background…those desserts on the plate to the left are ones I made!  New York Style cheesecake and chocolate sheath cake.  Since I don’t consider myself a “baker”, I have to brag that I can make those 2 goodies.  Oh, and Little A?  This is typical.

Riding on a modern buckboard, built by my Dad’s neighbor.  It’s so cool, and sentimental b/c the bottom part (the frame and wheels) is from my Papaw’s old 4-wheeler.

The girls are with my aunts – Aunt Kim (in the back) and Aunt Bev (with C) – my mom’s 2 younger sisters.  And the man driving the 4-wheeler is my Uncle Rich.

Sweet Cousins – Lily, C, Big A and Little A.  (Sad Madee couldn’t come!)

They love to play in the dirt.

A rare moment…Little A and Lily, not only getting along, but hugging each other!  I love this picture.

Lily’s sweet, but dirty face!

Yes, Daddy can juggle!

We’ve been playing outside so much lately, and C loves it.  She loves to sit and ride her little toys.

She’s finally walking!

And she’s already climbing!  I turn my back for a minute and she’s up the ladder.  Makes me so nervous.

She LOVES to swing.  But about 2 minutes after this pic, she had fallen out of the swing, face first and busted her lip.  Seriously this is probably the fifth time she’s busted her lip this week!  She’ll fall, trip or run into something.  This girl is busy!

Poor baby with her busted lip. :(

A little treat made it all better.  :)

Oh, and the garden…we have buds and hope that we actually might have veggies to pick soon!  Yay!

Romaine lettuce…



Hope you’re enjoying this Springtime weather!

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1 Jamie March 24, 2011 at 11:20 am

Hey Allison-
I love all the pictures but of course the ones of Camille are priceless! Your girls are so pretty. Also, let me know when your veggies are ready-I am going to bring a walmart sack and get some -haha.-no really I’m impressed!

2 Lisa Perez March 27, 2011 at 2:11 am

Love the “desserts” little A was enjoying in that one pic! HAHA!!! And I especially love the pic of all the girls with Dad and the one of little A and Lily hugging (a rare moment, indeed!) Keep up the awesome blog…we love reading it!


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