A happy June

June 28, 2010

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June has been a month of celebrations.

My beautiful, creative, sweet Big A turned SEVEN on June 16th.  I can’t believe that she’s been in our lives for seven years.  It seems like just yesterday she was crawling around, babbling and getting her first tooth.  And now I think she might be the only one in almost second grade that still has all of her baby teeth.  Taking after her mama’s late-bloomer teething pattern, this girl has not lost a tooth yet.  We don’t even have a loose one, although it doesn’t stop us from wiggling them.

We had a great party at our house, complete with lots of food, fun and water slides.  This is the first year that we invited so many kids.  Between soccer friends, school friends and lifelong friends, we had a long guest list.  I think everyone had a great time!

On Big A’s “real” birthday, we headed to the American Girl Doll store after VBS (the reason they have paint under their eyes) to eat and get the dolls’ hair fixed. Big A’s best little school friend came with us, and brought her doll too.

Big A turning 7, also means Little A turns 3 and a half – on the 14th to be exact – same birthday as my Grandma’s (Dec. 14th).  I love how this picture of her with GG (Grandma), Mimi and the other girls defines her personality at this age…just a tad ornery.

We have a reason to celebrate my beautiful Grandma this month too.  She was going to have to have a risky surgery to remove blood clots in her brain.   The clots will remain, but the doctor’s decision to not go through with the surgery, is actually a big blessing.  She is much happier and much more at ease now and I’m so thankful for that!

Finally at the beginning of the month, a super cute baby turned SIX months.  Wow!

And, I just realized last night on Mimi’s 58th birthday, that she is getting her first tooth.

I hope June has been as much fun and full of blessings for you, too!

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1 Ashlee R. June 29, 2010 at 2:23 pm

What blessed month June has been (and seems like always will be) for you and your family! The pictures and people in them are just gorgeous!!! :-)

2 Alli June 30, 2010 at 1:56 am

Big month for you all! I love the picture of the girls watching their dolls get their hair done. The birthday party looked like fun! Your girls are just stunningly beautiful.

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