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December 2008

Merry Christmas!

December 26, 2008

I hope your Christmas was filled with lots of love and memories!

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Merry thanks!

December 23, 2008

I’m completely (and happily!) shocked with the amount of business I’ve had this season! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to do it again.

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So here’s what we’ve been up to…

December 19, 2008

We’ve been crazy busy at the Andrews house. On December 14th Little A turned two! We actually had her party the weekend of Thanksgiving. Here are the highlights… The cake (made by Wendy) matched the invitation. Lots of fun! Ava LOVED her gifts. And between all the work, I managed to squeeze in some baking [...]

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Just wondering….

December 10, 2008

Does anyone else’s toothpaste get this jacked up? I have no idea how it gets to this point, and most importantly, WHY IT STAYS THAT WAY!

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And it’s not just a Participant ribbon

December 6, 2008

I received a blog award from my dear college friend, Amy. Thank you, Amy! You inspire and challenge me, and I’m so happy you’re blogging now! Here are the instructions: “When you receive the prize, you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link [...]

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Happy December!

December 4, 2008

Just a post to tell you that I have too much to do to write a REAL post.  But we are still alive!  Just crazy busy.  Hope that you all are doing well, and that you’re getting in the Christmas spirit. Stay tuned for a REAL post in the next couple of days!

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